bienvenue! this is going to be an art/writing blob but there is nothing here yet! things that I didn't make are tagged as such. xoxo

Update: I moved my tablet away from the cat, but she followed it, sat down next to it, and put her paw on it while looking me right in the eye. I think we’re fighting.

my cat is crouching right in the perfect spot to take a shit on my tablet and I’M WARNING U, CAT, if you take a shit on my tablet I’m going to lock you in the bathroom for the rest of the day

this blog……. is empty……….. but it has followers already………. hi babies i love you <3

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this is a test

and it worked :3



A tale as old as time.

this is so good on so many levels

i’ve never been big on fanfiction until i found the SNK community, but i love SNK fics specifically becauseĀ for some reason, it is the only canonically non-sexual series where i don’t feel the tiniest bit of guilt getting into a fic and going, “SO WHEN DOES JEAN GET TO ASSFUCK THE PRIEST??”

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it took me hours HOURS to get this stupid thing to work